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Key: CMP-940
Type: Task Task
Status: Open Open
Priority: Major Major
Assignee: Shay Banon
Reporter: wind west
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ghd news

Created: 27/Sep/11 12:21 AM   Updated: 27/Sep/11 12:21 AM
Component/s: None
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1. this wool sweater is very attractive special Shan Pin, the big button and the slanting tailor's fat sleeve is the most attractive place. You will perhaps choose in inside match long sleeve clothes, but I will not suggest this, because like this will decrease wool sweater's tailor special place.   2. matches one to look like not the fashionable straight jeans, astounding has brought " The men's clothing female puts on " Style flavor.   3. puts on a yarn hat again, mixes the style which prominently builds.   The third section: The tinted loose coat matches tight-fitting chaps, in sur- green " Believes wrapped gift " .   Matching main point:   1. this small jacket unusual lovable, it is one section comfortable succinct, has the very <a href="">ghd hair straighteners nz</a> fine puma's pattern fall winter high quality list. Because these fine sees not easily by one puma pattern, it might let you not need expenditure too many thoughts to be possible to find other clothings with it appropriate match.   2. matched recently very fashionable " Believes wrapped gift " , has become one set of very perfect date attire, you may put on it to attend some official meetings.   The fourth section: Has the metallic luster to operate the lapel wool sweater to match the tight-fitting jeans   Matching main point:   1. the whole dresses up style very leisure but actually fine, the upper garment chest's place metal light feeling's leather is enchanting, an overlapping design butterfly knot has increased probably the delightful feeling.   2. matches nearby one day of wide foot's nonstop trousers, as well as pair of as far as possible high high-heeled shoes, pants' length should better after you put on the shoe also has half inch from the instep, like this you may also unfold the attractive high-heeled shoes.   3. did not suggest that puts on the trousers to match low-heeled shoes' procedure, only if your stature is high selects. 15. autumn sock's matching   The summer end day of autumnal equinox, has enjoyed one season " The foot vacuum installs " Liked to look good the female to start in the foot department and the thigh has the thoughts. Regardless of being and the knee skirt, the company body jumper, seven point trousers, five point knickerbocker high with the sandals, the flat base sneakers, each kind of style starts to seek the full bottom that to wipe dazzles the color character and style to do adds the finishing touch matching. Just, this quarter's subject no longer is quietly deducts " Glass " With " Transparent " , but to the utmost possibly shows the color and matching.   ■ the model said   * Cen Bingbing, female, model   I take seriously in sock's matching to be coordinated very much, the sock, the skirt and the shoe want the tricolor harmony, the commonplace sock sometimes meets " By small chaotic big " . But walks time Xiu, actually discovers this year's sock as if a little counter-tradition " Builds " randomly; , the prominent color brings desirably the visual tensity, looks like " The scarlet garland sock matches green shoe " Puts on the law I also to try, no matter but which kind of " is; Mixes builds " , " Builds " randomly; Attempt, should tally as far as possible with own makings.   Colorful: Color authorities   Tidal current decoding: The day of autumnal equinox sock's may perform a group in color design to mix colors the plate plays, has " greatly; Color " It is not astonishing refuses stubbornly to rest the potential. Regardless to the ankle area short tube silk stockings and knee's tube sock, the color is this quarter's host hits. Light green, Ming Lan, pink, lotus root Holland, silver apricot yellow, thread garland ......Each kind of color's fashionable sock, became has smudged the early fall leg and foot character and style the fashionable sign.   Matching suggested: Although the luster bright sock dazzles, but the matching difficulty index is very high. The garland sock, is very specially strong regarding the thigh curve's visual expansion effect, the calf insufficiently slender female suggested that do not fall into " Rainbow trap " . The calf line stretches the female balances <a href="">ghd straighteners</a> the bottom sneakers either the high waist walking shoe, the color overlaps with the skirt or short's color, but should with the body on some color which matches plays the part of be consistent as far as possible.

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