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Lead: Shay Banon
Description: <ul> <li>Search API</li> <li>Resource Mapping</li> <li>OSEM</li> <li>Common metadata</li> <li>Transaction Management</li> </ul>

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Open Issues

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(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug CMP-922 UNRESOLVED compass+spring on gae javax.naming.namingexception throwed Blocker Open
   Bug CMP-901 UNRESOLVED configure exception with lucene2.9.0 Blocker Open
   Improvement CMP-378 UNRESOLVED Cannot shutdown process when long running indexing operation is in progress Critical Open
   Bug CMP-932 UNRESOLVED 2.2.0 Release Fails to Build Major Open
   New Feature CMP-650 UNRESOLVED Ability to change Resource Property Mapping in the runtime. Major Open
   New Feature CMP-346 UNRESOLVED Add HitCollector support Major Open
   Improvement CMP-863 UNRESOLVED Add ability to set per property boost in dynamic properties Major Open
   New Feature CMP-208 UNRESOLVED Add named filters to resource mappings Major Open
   New Feature CMP-66 UNRESOLVED Add progress monitor to the API Major Open
   New Feature CMP-785 UNRESOLVED Add simple support for sortable fields Major Open
   Improvement CMP-885 UNRESOLVED Add support for InstantiatedIndex Major Open
   New Feature CMP-718 UNRESOLVED Adding configuration option to use lucene ParellelMultiSearcher Major Open
   Improvement CMP-921 UNRESOLVED Allow document IDs to be externalized Major Open
   Improvement CMP-773 UNRESOLVED Allow for sub index hashing to return an empty list of sub indexes Major Open
   New Feature CMP-920 UNRESOLVED Allow identifiers to be externalised Major Open
   Improvement CMP-614 UNRESOLVED Allow to configure Compass (with system wide setting) of AllowDocsOutOfOrder for boolean query Major Open
   Improvement CMP-517 UNRESOLVED Allow to specify a search analyzer in the mapping Major Open
   Bug CMP-887 UNRESOLVED Analyzer ignored for prefix queries Major Open
   Bug CMP-695 UNRESOLVED ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error throws during create big index - related to transaction Major Open
   Improvement CMP-884 UNRESOLVED Attempting fuzzy phrase search should create warning Major Open
   Bug CMP-689 UNRESOLVED Batch insert mode exception (using filters with queries on an open session) Major Open
   Bug CMP-471 UNRESOLVED Calendar Converter does not unmarshal for non-null values Major Open
   Bug CMP-422 UNRESOLVED CalendarConverter unmarshalls with incorrect timezone Major Open
   Bug CMP-928 UNRESOLVED ClassCastException with TerracottaDirectory during Tomcat webapp reload Major Open
   Bug CMP-930 UNRESOLVED Collection component with duplicate entities is unmarshalled incorrectly Major Open
   Bug CMP-409 UNRESOLVED CollectionMappingConverter ignores Comparators Major Open
   New Feature CMP-87 UNRESOLVED Compact internal properties names Major Open
   Bug CMP-506 UNRESOLVED Compass should use the analyzer associated with the mapping instead of the search analyzer when possible Major Open
   New Feature CMP-875 UNRESOLVED Compass support Katta Major Open
   Improvement CMP-568 UNRESOLVED CompassQuery used in highlighter should be filtered out of aliases Major Open
   Bug CMP-931 UNRESOLVED DataColumnToPropertyMapping's excludeFromAll parameter type of the setter match the return type of the getter Major Open
   Bug CMP-445 UNRESOLVED Deep hierarchy collection ownership not preserved (again) Major Open
   Bug CMP-753 UNRESOLVED DefaultCompassQuery is not Serializable Major Open
   New Feature CMP-120 UNRESOLVED Defined external stored properties Major Open
   Bug CMP-767 UNRESOLVED Emulated BLOB locators must come from a ResultSet with only one table selected, and all primary keys selected Major Open
   Bug CMP-384 UNRESOLVED EnumConverter does not work for collection of enums Major Open
   Bug CMP-916 UNRESOLVED Error when I add a sorter Major Open
   Bug CMP-560 UNRESOLVED Error when resolving getters when overriding return types. Major Open
   Bug CMP-903 UNRESOLVED Error while implementing filtering in compass Major Open
   Improvement CMP-636 UNRESOLVED Expose method(s) to convert CompassQuery into Lucene's native Query Major Open
   Improvement CMP-793 UNRESOLVED Extract parent interface for common methods in CompassQueryBuilder.CompassQueryStringBuilder and CompassQueryBuilder.CompassMultiPropertyQueryStringBuilder Major Open
   New Feature CMP-910 UNRESOLVED Faceted search using bobo project Major Open
   Improvement CMP-502 UNRESOLVED I (stupidly) mapped two different classes with the same alias. Would be nice if Compass told me I was being stupid on startup Major Open
   Bug CMP-529 UNRESOLVED JDBC Storage fails with MySQL Major Open
   Bug CMP-617 UNRESOLVED JDBC: indexing fails when using date converter for indexed column Major Open
   Bug CMP-804 UNRESOLVED JdbcDirectory: primary key constraint violation with DB2 Major Open
   Improvement CMP-648 UNRESOLVED JdbcDirectoryStore should be able to release its datasource if so configured Major Open
   Improvement CMP-720 UNRESOLVED Lucene 2.4: Improve read_committed transaction using new Lucene filter API Major Open
   Improvement CMP-534 UNRESOLVED Make CompassOperations.delete(query) return deletion count Major Open
   New Feature CMP-600 UNRESOLVED Modify the highlighter to work with Documents not only with resources Major Open
  Viewing 50 of 97 Issues.
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Unreleased 2.3.0 beta1 12
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