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Lead: Shay Banon

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Open Issues

24 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   New Feature CMP-684 UNRESOLVED API stop mirroring (INSERT/UPDATE) and searches are allowed Major Open
   New Feature CMP-66 UNRESOLVED Add progress monitor to the API Major Open
   Bug CMP-943 UNRESOLVED Broken integration with OpenJPA Major Open
   Bug CMP-883 UNRESOLVED HibernateGpsDevice fails to update entities with lazy many-to-one relations, when SpringSyncTransactions are used Major Open
   New Feature CMP-439 UNRESOLVED Implement custom indexer using scrollable results for TopLink JPA Major Open
   Bug CMP-444 UNRESOLVED Index failure using SpringHibernate3GpsDevice.performIndex() Major Open
   Bug CMP-617 UNRESOLVED JDBC: indexing fails when using date converter for indexed column Major Open
   Bug CMP-879 UNRESOLVED Jdbc Gps Driver: JDBC Dialect cannot be resolved for Sybase database using jtds driver Major Open
   Improvement CMP-779 UNRESOLVED Make TableToResourceMapping generateIdMappings/generateSelectQuery/generateVersionQuery protected instead of private Major Open
   Bug CMP-737 UNRESOLVED NPE when deleting indirect owner of simple (String) collection property Major Open
   Bug CMP-911 UNRESOLVED PaginationHibernateIndexEntitiesIndexer indexes duplicate DB records Major Open
   Improvement CMP-578 UNRESOLVED Snapshot memory utilization Major Open
   New Feature CMP-698 UNRESOLVED Support Distributed Indexing Major Open
   New Feature CMP-587 UNRESOLVED Support IndexPlan indexing with Jdbc device Major Open
   Task CMP-927 UNRESOLVED Upgrade eclipselink.jar dependency to latest release (2.0.1) Major Open
   Bug CMP-405 UNRESOLVED When an object O gets updated, perform index update on objects using O as a component, even when it is a unidirectional ManyToOne relationship Major Open
   Improvement CMP-867 UNRESOLVED add a hibernate index entities indexer which works with eager fetched collections Major Open
   Improvement CMP-546 UNRESOLVED adding pre and post listener to HibernateGPS listener Major Open
   Improvement CMP-279 UNRESOLVED expose the metadata strategy of Compass so that users can plugin their own metadata strategy Major Open
   New Feature CMP-213 UNRESOLVED new gps device which supports custom hql queries that return multiple results per row Major Open
   Improvement CMP-608 UNRESOLVED Defer calls to insert/delete/save on the CompassSession to a narrowly-defined interface Minor Open
   Improvement CMP-886 UNRESOLVED Improved Google App Engine JPA support Minor Open
   Improvement CMP-504 UNRESOLVED Index a subset of entities Minor Open
   New Feature CMP-50 UNRESOLVED Toplink Support Minor Open
Unreleased 2.3.0 beta1 2
  Unscheduled 22

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