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 34 of 53 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug CMP-897 FIXED ClassCastException while unmarshalling SearchableParent mapping Critical Closed
   Improvement CMP-773 UNRESOLVED Allow for sub index hashing to return an empty list of sub indexes Major Open
   Improvement CMP-614 UNRESOLVED Allow to configure Compass (with system wide setting) of AllowDocsOutOfOrder for boolean query Major Open
   Improvement CMP-517 UNRESOLVED Allow to specify a search analyzer in the mapping Major Open
   Bug CMP-422 UNRESOLVED CalendarConverter unmarshalls with incorrect timezone Major Open
   Improvement CMP-568 UNRESOLVED CompassQuery used in highlighter should be filtered out of aliases Major Open
   Bug CMP-445 UNRESOLVED Deep hierarchy collection ownership not preserved (again) Major Open
   New Feature CMP-439 UNRESOLVED Implement custom indexer using scrollable results for TopLink JPA Major Open
   Improvement CMP-720 UNRESOLVED Lucene 2.4: Improve read_committed transaction using new Lucene filter API Major Open
   Improvement CMP-825 UNRESOLVED Make Terracotta store work with concurrent commits and concurrent operations (managed one, though both are disabled) Major Open
   Improvement CMP-381 UNRESOLVED Provide dynamic analyzer association on properties Major Open
   New Feature CMP-862 UNRESOLVED Support Google App Engine storage Major Open
   New Feature CMP-587 UNRESOLVED Support IndexPlan indexing with Jdbc device Major Open
   New Feature CMP-809 UNRESOLVED Support commonj based Compass internal ExecutorManager Major Open
   New Feature CMP-839 UNRESOLVED Use a bounded cache of Tokens (or Attributes in Lucene > 2.9) for all property Major Open
   Task CMP-455 UNRESOLVED Using of CompassSearchHelper with CompassQueryBuilder Major Open
   Improvement CMP-727 UNRESOLVED Lucene 2.4: Improve get/load performance on read_committed Major Reopened
   Bug CMP-913 FIXED Google App Engine: Improved transaction management Major Resolved
   Improvement CMP-905 FIXED Persistence unit lookup in EclipseLink 2.0 Major Resolved
   Improvement CMP-363 FIXED ability to specify schema in db2 Major Resolved
   Improvement CMP-864 FIXED Add UUID converter to the core Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-868 FIXED All field is added even though 'all' is disabled (though no content is added to the field, it still exists) Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-861 FIXED Allow to easily disable Compass usage of threads (using compass.executorManager.type=disabled setting) Major Closed
   Task CMP-874 FIXED Change all DTD and schema files from 2.2 version to 2.3 version Major Closed
   Bug CMP-898 FIXED Compass undergoes stack overflow when using a mapping of an object inside an object for jsonobject mapping Major Closed
   Bug CMP-907 FIXED DefaultLuceneSearchEngineStore.createIndex uses a deprecated IndexWriter constructor, which forces autocommit to true Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-876 FIXED Enable property level boost with multi property query builder Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-882 FIXED Expose the ability to get the spell check Directory using LuceneHelper Major Closed
   Bug CMP-908 FIXED JBossNativeJpaExtractor not compatible with JBoss 5 Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-860 FIXED JDO Gps Device Support (re-enable it) Major Closed
   Bug CMP-919 FIXED JacksonContentConverter doesn't work with current Jackson releases Major Closed
   Bug CMP-871 FIXED LuceneSearchEngineInternalSearch cannot retrieve the correct reader for Lucene MoreLikeThis to create query terms Major Closed
   Bug CMP-865 FIXED Polymorphic alias query does not return results from all the inheritance tree Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-924 FIXED Remove the naming Referencable interface from Compass interface so it will play nicer with GAE Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-906 FIXED Reuse indexPath from FSDirectoyStore for LockFactory Major Closed
   Bug CMP-869 FIXED ScannerFactory issue with Jboss AS 5.0 : Protocol [vfszip] is not supported Major Closed
   Bug CMP-900 FIXED String parsing error in implementations of AbstractCoherenceDirectoryStore::findConnection(String) Major Closed
   Bug CMP-912 FIXED Wrong handling of annotations on fields which are collections of parametrized type Major Closed
   Bug CMP-866 FIXED multiple local compass beans cannot (successfully) co-exist in the same application context Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-914 DUPLICATE AccessorUtils.getCollectionParameter too fragile Major Closed
   Bug CMP-453 UNRESOLVED "omit-norms" missing from documentation Minor Open
   Improvement CMP-482 UNRESOLVED Better exception needed when incorrect transaction management causes Lucene IndexReader or I/O exceptions Minor Open
   Improvement CMP-338 UNRESOLVED Spring 2.0 namespace support for bean inheritance Minor Open
   Improvement CMP-893 FIXED Allow Locale setting for test case Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-888 FIXED CompassGps Javadoc could be more descriptive Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-892 FIXED File name extension must be specified when using text.includes or test.excludes parameters for tests target Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-890 FIXED Fixing documentation for default converters Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-915 FIXED Improve exception message for MappingProcessUtils.resolveConverterByClass Minor Closed
   Bug CMP-918 FIXED JacksonAliasedJsonObject has bad dependency on Groovy Minor Closed
   Bug CMP-923 FIXED fix Jackson jars in Eclipse .classpath file Minor Closed
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