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Project Lead: Shay Banon
Compass is a first class open source Java framework, enabling the power of Search Engine semantics to your application stack declaratively. Built on top of the amazing Lucene Search Engine, Compass integrates seamlessly to popular development frameworks like Hibernate and Spring. It provides search capability to your application data model and synchronises changes with the datasource. With Compass: write less code, find data quicker

Release Notes

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Change Log

   Bug CMP-857 FIXED NegativeArraySizeException at CompassSpellChecker.formGrams line 332 Major Resolved
   New Feature CMP-855 FIXED Built in support for Joda DataTime object (follows same format rules as Date converter, including the multiple || formats) Major Closed
   Bug CMP-854 FIXED Read Committed Transaction: Wrong handling of deleted documents Major Closed
   Bug CMP-853 FIXED ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while saving object when compass.osem.supportUnmarshall is set to false Blocker Closed
   Improvement CMP-852 FIXED Add batchJobSize and batchJobTime to Terracotta Transaction Processor allowing to wait for more jobs to index Major Closed
   Bug CMP-851 FIXED EclipseLink/TopLink: Objects are inserted twice into the search engine when saving a class with mapped parent class Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-850 FIXED Native EntityManager extraction should try and use #getDelegate() and use it if it returns EntityManager Major Closed
   Bug CMP-842 FIXED AbstractXmlWriterXmlContentConverter mangles XML Critical Closed
   New Feature CMP-832 FIXED Add a simplified CompassSearchSession and CompassIndexSession (on top of the fully featured CompassSession) Major Closed
   New Feature CMP-834 FIXED Add an MT transaction processor (supports multi threaded indexing using the same session) Major Closed
   New Feature CMP-831 FIXED Add an optimized search transaction processor Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-846 FIXED Allow for Converter to control the ManagedId of a Class property using SuggestManagedIdConverter interface Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-844 FIXED Change JSEM ContentConverter setting from from 'compass.jsonContentConverter.type' to 'compass.jsem.contentConverter.type' Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-840 FIXED CompassSession#close should automatically commit an ongoing transaction if one is still open Major Closed
   New Feature CMP-841 FIXED Dynamic Property Mapping - Allow to map dynamic property names and values to the search engine Major Closed
   Bug CMP-845 FIXED Hibernate pending cascades special support throws NPE Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-838 FIXED Improve All support by caching Alias Tokens Major Closed
   Bug CMP-837 FIXED NativeEntityManagerFactoryExtractor should be renamed to NativeJpaExtractor in the reference document Major Closed
   New Feature CMP-847 FIXED Provide a ConcurrentStringMap based implementation for Terracotta Directory store Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-830 FIXED Refactor transaction management for Gps#index operation. Removed SpringSyncTransactionGpsDeviceWrapper. Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-829 FIXED Renamed DefaultFirstLevelCache to PlainFirstLevelCache. Change the default first level cache to the NullFirstLevelCache. Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-843 FIXED Simplify XSEM content converter configuration Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-849 FIXED Support Open EJB JPA EM / EMF wrapper automatic for native JPA extractor Major Closed
   New Feature CMP-833 FIXED Support flushCommit operation in CompassSession and CompassIndexSession Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-835 FIXED Table created by the Jdbc directory should specify not null for the name column primary key Major Closed
   New Feature CMP-848 FIXED Upgrade to Lucene 2.4.1 (from 2.4.0) Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-836 FIXED When using specific files (segments for example), use a flush on close with Coherence so seeking (outside the first bucket) will be possible Major Closed


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