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Project Lead: Shay Banon
Compass is a first class open source Java framework, enabling the power of Search Engine semantics to your application stack declaratively. Built on top of the amazing Lucene Search Engine, Compass integrates seamlessly to popular development frameworks like Hibernate and Spring. It provides search capability to your application data model and synchronises changes with the datasource. With Compass: write less code, find data quicker

Release Notes

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Component Compass::Core Lead: Shay Banon
  <ul> <li>Search API</li> <li>Resource Mapping</li> <li>OSEM</li> <li>Common metadata</li> <li>Transaction Management</li> </ul>
Component Compass::Gps Lead: Shay Banon
Component Compass::Needle Lead: Shay Banon
  Compass Needle aims to integrate and implement usage of Compass within distributed environments.
Component Compass::Samples[library] Lead: Shay Banon
  A very simple compass sample
Component Compass::Samples[petclinic] Lead: Shay Banon
Component Compass::Spring Lead: Shay Banon
  Integration of Compass with Spring Framework
Component Compass::Vocabulary Lead: Shay Banon
  A set of common meta-data settings


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