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Project Lead: Shay Banon
Compass is a first class open source Java framework, enabling the power of Search Engine semantics to your application stack declaratively. Built on top of the amazing Lucene Search Engine, Compass integrates seamlessly to popular development frameworks like Hibernate and Spring. It provides search capability to your application data model and synchronises changes with the datasource. With Compass: write less code, find data quicker

Release Notes

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Road Map

  2 of 2 issues have been resolved
   Bug CMP-696 FIXED Local cache should use the same lock factory for all directory created Major Closed
   Bug CMP-700 FIXED Using annotation on a field with a capatilized first letter fails Major Closed
Progress:  No issues.
  No issues.
  34 of 53 issues have been resolved
   Improvement CMP-773 UNRESOLVED Allow for sub index hashing to return an empty list of sub indexes Major Open
   Improvement CMP-614 UNRESOLVED Allow to configure Compass (with system wide setting) of AllowDocsOutOfOrder for boolean query Major Open
   Improvement CMP-517 UNRESOLVED Allow to specify a search analyzer in the mapping Major Open
   Bug CMP-422 UNRESOLVED CalendarConverter unmarshalls with incorrect timezone Major Open
   Improvement CMP-568 UNRESOLVED CompassQuery used in highlighter should be filtered out of aliases Major Open
   Bug CMP-445 UNRESOLVED Deep hierarchy collection ownership not preserved (again) Major Open
   New Feature CMP-439 UNRESOLVED Implement custom indexer using scrollable results for TopLink JPA Major Open
   Improvement CMP-720 UNRESOLVED Lucene 2.4: Improve read_committed transaction using new Lucene filter API Major Open
   Improvement CMP-825 UNRESOLVED Make Terracotta store work with concurrent commits and concurrent operations (managed one, though both are disabled) Major Open
   Improvement CMP-381 UNRESOLVED Provide dynamic analyzer association on properties Major Open
   New Feature CMP-862 UNRESOLVED Support Google App Engine storage Major Open
   New Feature CMP-587 UNRESOLVED Support IndexPlan indexing with Jdbc device Major Open
   New Feature CMP-809 UNRESOLVED Support commonj based Compass internal ExecutorManager Major Open
   New Feature CMP-839 UNRESOLVED Use a bounded cache of Tokens (or Attributes in Lucene > 2.9) for all property Major Open
   Task CMP-455 UNRESOLVED Using of CompassSearchHelper with CompassQueryBuilder Major Open
   Improvement CMP-727 UNRESOLVED Lucene 2.4: Improve get/load performance on read_committed Major Reopened
   Bug CMP-453 UNRESOLVED "omit-norms" missing from documentation Minor Open
   Improvement CMP-482 UNRESOLVED Better exception needed when incorrect transaction management causes Lucene IndexReader or I/O exceptions Minor Open
   Improvement CMP-338 UNRESOLVED Spring 2.0 namespace support for bean inheritance Minor Open
   Bug CMP-897 FIXED ClassCastException while unmarshalling SearchableParent mapping Critical Closed
   Bug CMP-913 FIXED Google App Engine: Improved transaction management Major Resolved
   Improvement CMP-905 FIXED Persistence unit lookup in EclipseLink 2.0 Major Resolved
   Improvement CMP-363 FIXED ability to specify schema in db2 Major Resolved
   Improvement CMP-864 FIXED Add UUID converter to the core Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-868 FIXED All field is added even though 'all' is disabled (though no content is added to the field, it still exists) Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-861 FIXED Allow to easily disable Compass usage of threads (using compass.executorManager.type=disabled setting) Major Closed
   Task CMP-874 FIXED Change all DTD and schema files from 2.2 version to 2.3 version Major Closed
   Bug CMP-898 FIXED Compass undergoes stack overflow when using a mapping of an object inside an object for jsonobject mapping Major Closed
   Bug CMP-907 FIXED DefaultLuceneSearchEngineStore.createIndex uses a deprecated IndexWriter constructor, which forces autocommit to true Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-876 FIXED Enable property level boost with multi property query builder Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-882 FIXED Expose the ability to get the spell check Directory using LuceneHelper Major Closed
   Bug CMP-908 FIXED JBossNativeJpaExtractor not compatible with JBoss 5 Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-860 FIXED JDO Gps Device Support (re-enable it) Major Closed
   Bug CMP-919 FIXED JacksonContentConverter doesn't work with current Jackson releases Major Closed
   Bug CMP-871 FIXED LuceneSearchEngineInternalSearch cannot retrieve the correct reader for Lucene MoreLikeThis to create query terms Major Closed
   Bug CMP-865 FIXED Polymorphic alias query does not return results from all the inheritance tree Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-924 FIXED Remove the naming Referencable interface from Compass interface so it will play nicer with GAE Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-906 FIXED Reuse indexPath from FSDirectoyStore for LockFactory Major Closed
   Bug CMP-869 FIXED ScannerFactory issue with Jboss AS 5.0 : Protocol [vfszip] is not supported Major Closed
   Bug CMP-900 FIXED String parsing error in implementations of AbstractCoherenceDirectoryStore::findConnection(String) Major Closed
   Bug CMP-912 FIXED Wrong handling of annotations on fields which are collections of parametrized type Major Closed
   Bug CMP-866 FIXED multiple local compass beans cannot (successfully) co-exist in the same application context Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-914 DUPLICATE AccessorUtils.getCollectionParameter too fragile Major Closed
   Improvement CMP-893 FIXED Allow Locale setting for test case Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-888 FIXED CompassGps Javadoc could be more descriptive Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-892 FIXED File name extension must be specified when using text.includes or test.excludes parameters for tests target Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-890 FIXED Fixing documentation for default converters Minor Closed
   Improvement CMP-915 FIXED Improve exception message for MappingProcessUtils.resolveConverterByClass Minor Closed
   Bug CMP-918 FIXED JacksonAliasedJsonObject has bad dependency on Groovy Minor Closed
   Bug CMP-923 FIXED fix Jackson jars in Eclipse .classpath file Minor Closed
   Task CMP-895 FIXED .classpath file not working Trivial Closed
   Bug CMP-909 FIXED Downloadable is missing asm jars Trivial Closed
   Bug CMP-889 FIXED fixing compass-manifest-version value Trivial Closed


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